Sony strongly committed to the production of dies. Now it is also planning acquisitions of other companies.

Sony has not idle in terms of production dies. The manufacturer plans to establish a separate company, engaged in the production of dies only. But it is not everything. For, as informs Reuters Sony also intends to buy the production department matrices both Toshiba s. Sony offered the company $ 165 million. Purchase department dies from Toshiba Sony is another step towards monopolization of the production of dies for cameras. From April next year, production of dies will be responsible for the newly created Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation. matrices is a very important part of Sony's activities. Currently, the Japanese company has more than 40 percent of the market. With the assumption of a separate company and subscribe to the competitive division of Toshiba, Sony can quickly take over half the global market dies. The dies manufactured by Sony are used not only by many smaller manufacturers of cameras, but also by mobile phone manufacturers, including Sony dies mounted by Apple on their iPhones.