Article Affiliate To become a graphic designer at the present time you do not have higher education or for substantial financial resources. Just talent, desire and a large dose of self-discipline to get the dream job and work in the creative industry. Very many excellent graphic-arts admits to the fact that they have no education code – are self-taught, who themselves explored the ins and outs of computer graphics. Of course, everyone starts somewhere – some will have already learned workshop manual cartoonist and painter, but in the world monitor and tablet every aspiring puts just the first steps. The road to professionalism is long, but it can be certainly reduced. How? By investing in proven, comprehensive training graphic. Certified, professional training of computer graphics offers Polish Academy of EITCA. Now, thanks to 80% co-financing from the EU makes it even more affordable. Acquiring knowledge on your own can be difficult and chaotic – so better to trust the certified training courses which provide the highest quality educational materials and transparently formulated a training program. EITCA / CG Computer Graphics is a specialized program that allows to get a number of highly regarded in the market competence in the field of graphic design and animation. The Academy is conducted in Polish and includes 10 items. That's a total of 150 hours programming content (exercises, lectures and e-labs), which thanks to the flexible organization of science and consultation with the academic staff can be implemented in remote mode (without having to leave your home). Taking care of the highest quality of training it was made just new integrated portal EITCA Academy certification program and certification courses EITC, as well as a new adaptive e-learning platform. Implementer also introduced extensive changes to the substantive content of training Computer Graphics. This training is aimed both at people without a grounding in computer graphics, as well as for professionals who want to expand and formally confirm their skills internationally certified computer graphic. Obtained after completing the training certificate EITCA Academy of Computer Graphics / CG is a formal, international attestation of competence, to systematize a broad theoretical knowledge and practical skills especially in the field of computer graphics, enhances their value, especially in the eyes of potential employers. Certificate EITCA / CG is an attestation of professional competence in the area of ​​creating creative visual part of raster graphics (Adobe Photoshop) vector (Adobe Illustrator) and three-dimensional, design, artistic and technical (including visual web design in Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash), development animation and interactive graphics (flash) and understanding of aspects of visual identity and graphic design in the context of the broader art and technology.

Training program:

  • 1. EITC / CG / APS : Creating and processing of images with Adobe Photoshop – 15h
  • 2. EITC / CG / AI1 : Vector graphics with Adobe Illustrator – 15h
  • 3. EITC / CG / AIDF : Composition printing with Adobe InDesign – 15h
  • 4. EITC / CG / AF : Creating animation and interactive graphics with Adobe Flash – 15h
  • 5. EITC / CG / VICG : Visual identification in computer graphics – 15h
  • 6. EITC / CG / CAG Artistic aspects of graphics – 15h
  • 7. EITC / CG / AD : Designing Web Sites with Adobe Dreamweaver – 15h
  • 8. EITC / CG / AI2 : Design and development of visual identification of Adobe Illustrator – 15h
  • 9. EITC / CG / ACSU : Visualization and 3D with AutoCAD and SketchUp – 15h
  • 10. EITC / CG / TFCG : Theoretical aspects of computer graphics – 15h

  • Why choose EITCA / CG

    The program includes comprehensive training in an interactive e-learning (e-lectures, e-training and e-labs along with consultations) and examinations carried out fully remotely via the Internet. This allows to obtain a certificate along with supplements issued by the Institute EITCI in Brussels, having also accredited by the Ministry of Education / Chief Education Officer. Performs 150 hours of the program under the EITC 10 courses in the field of computer graphics of difficulty adequate for both advanced and novice possible to complete the period up to 1 month. Thanks to EU support from the European Regional Development Fund under the program OPIE in the national edition of the Academy EITCA all charges can be reduced by 80%.

    80% off!

    Electronic registration code entitling them to obtain a reduction in fees for participation in the Academy EITCA / CG Computer Graphics by 80% thanks to funding from the European Union ERDF: SEGZS Secretariat of the Academy of EITCA open Mon-Fri, from 10:00 – 17:00 E -mail: Tel: 79 457 14 69 53 542 13 74 | [CST_14 ]