The growing hatred of selfie sticków may reach its zenith. A resident of Canada decided at the end of the rod mount the camera, which is coconut. Yes, coconut.

NOTE: The text will suffer due to the lack of synonyms, as the coconut is the only species of the genus coconut monotypowego . Forgive me repeat. A native of Toronto Kotama Bouabane often – probably like at least some of us – myself doing self-portraits. Often also uses selfie stick – a special boom at the end of which is placed in the camera, which guarantees to increase the field of view and behavior in the frame of more elements. YouTube Preview Image Kotama However, there is something which distinguishes it from the gray crowd. Canadian photographing the world of homemade coconut. To create such unusual design, it was necessary being undermined coconut. After the "defecation" coconut of content, Kotama cut it in half and hollowed hole, which ultimately became the lens. Between the halves placed in turn photosensitive material. Sounds familiar?

Pictures taken with coconut / photo. Kotama Bouabane

Pictures taken with coconut / photo. Kotama Bouabane

Camera obscura with coconut, which is a funny provocation

Kotama Bouabane simply created a pinhole camera, which then mounted the on selfie sticku.

I think it's pretty funny. The whole concept, all this work that I put in the preparation of coconut. Pulling it on selfie sticku looks ridiculous. – Explains Kotama

The work of Canadian artist – already this more serious – you will find here . Source: PetaPixel