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Reflective, humble and creative. Enigmatic, consistent, and sometimes controversial. Shrug, zaciekawiają intrigue. "Colorful bird '- without them the world would be boring. Here are the characters 'Czarownych Workshop' Reczek Alice White Alice .

This summer I had the pleasure to work with amazing people. I think that the work of each of them deserves attention. Are professionals who over the years have developed their own style. The road to success was not easy. Not once uphill, not once winding road and into the wind – but always to the goal. They flew as on wings, to realize their dreams. Sometimes he falls to the ground, but quickly raised and continued his story. Today we do not rest on their laurels. We continue to invest in its development. Why, if achieved so much? Phil Bosmans said that "this journey is the reward" – can answer. – White Alice.

Catherine Konieczka

Catherine Konieczka / fot. Katarzyna Widmańska

Collaboration White Alice vs Konieczka sooner or later had to happen. Participants of the summer 2015 edition of Czarownych workshops benefited from the creation of industrial champion.

Creates a stage costumes for photo shoots and such prestigious magazines and programs, as VOGUE NL, IT VOGUE, VOGUE UK AND ID Magazine Top Model. She has worked for artists such as Lady Gaga, Cocorosie, Zombie Boy, by David LaChapelle. Winner of many awards and accolades from fashion critics, journalists and forecaster'ów Diane Pernet, Robb Young, Lidewij Edelkoort. She was in the top four, "Most wanted designers 2012" by NOT JUST A LABEL. Catherine Konieczka designs and styling also makes domestic stars. Among her clients were .: Doda, Justyna Steczkowska, Natasha Urbańska Kasia Figura, Behemoth and many others.

Catherine creation Konieczki / fot. Maciej Boryna

hat created by Catherine Konieczka was noticed and awarded at the horse races in Britain involving the Royal Family – Royal Ascot Racecourse, which confirms the uniqueness and exclusivity of its projects. She is a graduate of the International School of Costume and Design. He defended diploma with honors for the collection "The Cell". In 2015, she was chosen as one of the most talented designers of this school. The finalist of Golden Thread competitions in 2009 and re-act fashion, special awards winner, took third place in the contest OFF Fashion in Kielce, and also received an award as the most photogenic collection. >> More information

Margaret Motas

Margaret creation Motas / pic. Anna Michalek PHOTO heels

Dresses Margaret Motas is a veritable fairy tale. Therefore, they could not miss for the summer editions of Czarownych Workshop in 2015.

In 2012 she graduated from the School of Fashion Design in Wroclaw. Creating a unique, full of subtle charm of creation is not only her passion, but also a way to express their own sensitivity and describe the world around her. The word creation is not used here by chance. As for its double meaning, both this material, immersed in the outside world, and spiritual, based on what each wearing dresses Margaret Motas women have in its interior. To the resulting creations must first develop the relationship. The relationship between the two women, who in some way complicit in the act of creating anew, exploring the subtle aspects of femininity.

Margaret creation Motas / pic. Anna Zyskowska

Margaret Motas is usually a strong vision of their dress, but the final shape always arises in the dialogue. It is irrelevant to her for how authority his portrayal girl looks, or has too little or too much weight, whether it is high or low. The designer, shaping the clients fabric on the body as sculpture, brings with women is what is in these most beautiful, the most noteworthy. They can be gentle hands, long neck, chin firm, round, feminine shapes, eye-catching neckline. Subtlety, delicacy and romanticism is not a weakness, it is strength of this act of creation and the final result. Today, what counts is what brutal and strong, we live in a difficult world. Margaret creations Motas make the woman peering into his soul and finds the queen. He finds his power. The artist often emphasizes that the creation of the project is for the operation of natural as breathing. Her act of creating is very sensual, personal and must be independent, to finally take place in silence studio. This process is accompanied by the operation of cloth. Useful to known by its traditional craft techniques.

Małgorzatay creation Motas / pic. Anna Zyskowska

The dresses Margaret Motas important is the space created by the texture, and sometimes nature of the material. Creation is accompanied by an act of deformation – the fabrics are crushed, burned, torn, wrinkled, dyed. This creates a new quality of life that can develop in many aspects. The designer does not close, however, in what is nice or ugly. Still pushing the boundaries, seeking new means of expression, including through the creative styling and photography. >> More information

Monika Mostowik – Milena

fot. Monika Mostowik - MILENA

Charming visited the workshop for the first time. Mazovia came with her assistant all the way from Krakow. Virtual friendship with White Alice decided to translate for real. The cooperation of both women brought remarkable results.

Monika Mostowik. Yearbook 75, sociologist, author of the novel "outbursts", collections of short stories: "Histeryjki of May", "acrobat" "so pretty" and two volumes of poetry: "Take me to a handful," and "Not me there is no" .Pasjonatka Japanese culture. Since 2010 collects, stylize and photographs of dolls BJD (ball jointed dolls). Co-organizer of two exhibitions at the Museum of BJD dolls Japanese Art and Technology Manggha. They were shown, among others, her photographs and dolls from her collection. Her next book, about the dolls exactly, is in preparation. Lauretka many literary competitions and scenario. She studied screenwriting at the National Film School in Lodz, currently in independent production is her screenplay "Birthday" by his own short story published in Volume acrobats, directed by Wieslaw Zielinski, who last year also completed a brief scenario "Bane".

fot. Monika Mostowik - MILENA

Photography and dolls for her retreat from the words … You can describe things, but you can and photograph. Emotions also. You can express them through doll. Dolls are a means of artistic expression, not a toy. Thanks to the movable joints ball BJD dolls can pose a very natural. Summer courses of flamenco uwrażliwiły her movement, and tension budujr, a big challenge is to create a sense of movement static object that is a doll, but such challenges also takes photographs. Has in its collection of dolls mainly Asia (Korea, Japan, China) but carried out by Polish, European and American artists. Dolls are made of polyurethane resin, which is approximately 33 – 68 cm. They are not rigid figures, and very plastic models and just photograph them "alive". >> More information

Magdalena Wilk – benzhydryl

the picture Magdalena Wilk - benzhydryl / photo. Alexander Sawicz

A quick glance at portfolo. Spontaneous decision. United liking. So in short you can describe collaboration with Alice Magdalene. Both ladies work together since August and believe that what is best in front of them 🙂

The designer, with the creation of the participants used the summer edition of 'Czarownych Workshop' 2015 mainly with costumes for photo shoots. She graduated from the artistic and visual arts, previously dealt with tattooing, modeling, and characterization to style a photo shoot and finally ended up on the design. Currently, we begin to study the design of clothing and costumes. He wants to improve their skills related to the creation of fashion. Her work has appeared repeatedly among other things in magazines such as Vogue it. Dark Beauty Magazine, IPrees Magazine, Art and Facts Faerie Magazine. He collaborates with many great photographers in the country. >> More information

Kaya Karasińska

photo Kaya Karasińska / photo. Ewa Gałczyńska

With White Alice works regularly. On board Czarownych Workshop debuted in May 2015. Kaya will also take part in the autumn editions of 2015 which will be held in Warsaw.

It contributes to the visage. It works commercially. He participates in outdoor and studio sessions. It is open to creative projects. Since he associated with Czarownymi Workshop. Despite the short length of service has already released several publications in magazines such as Fashion Wedding, Digital Video Cameras, E-makeup, the online edition of Vogue. Largely self-taught but his skills doszlifowała Pro MakeUp Academy. She studied painting, abandoned oil and canvas for the shadows and lipsticks, he does not believe that resigned from the creation of art.

I would put it briefly – I paint because I like. And I like it, because this is the greatest job on canvas which is the human face with all its imperfections and expression, making each image is different – unique and unique. Besides, I like to break the rules. Check whether it differently. Both technically and in terms of aesthetics. The best for me to work with people who leave me a free hand as to the details outlining the only topic. Reluctantly those who show me a picture of someone else's work, saying – do it anyway. I am inspired by many artists, eager to learn from them, but not by copying and interpretation. – Kay.

>> More information

Martyn Bryk

photo Martyn Bryk / fot. Andrzej Witkowski Witkov

An experienced of sector and training. On board Czarownych Workshop in operation since August 2015. All indications are that cooperation between the two women is hit.

Energetic, committed and professional. In the summer he conjured a remarkable hair on the heads of our models. Born and emotionally connected with Plock. Trained as a teacher, a professional hairdresser, with passion the artist. We are constantly combines these professions at work: training young students hairdressing, working as a barber stylist conducted jointly with her husband living room, participates in many artistic projects throughout the country. Polish champion women's 2014 styling, a member of Tecni Artist acting at L'Oreal Professionnel, a member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Region of Plock, teacher profession, initiator and co-author of many artistic projects min .: – Collection Futuryczna woman created in collaboration with designer Carter Magdalene shown in show on the occasion of the 5-ciolecia uprising Salon, it is working on this collection initiated a long-term cooperation between the two ladies – a collection White Elegance and Worth a sin in cooperation with Joanna Zaremba-Wanczura World Champion in hairdressing – Edition Album Braid Clasic in collaboration with Jack fishing – Collection Street Art in collaboration with Jack fishing to LOOKBOOK L'Oreal Professionnel 2015. – Participation in Artistic Photography Workshop 2015 Alice White hairstyles preparing projects Konieczki Catherine, Margaret Motas and staging folk. – Initiator of the project Girl of the Month, which is targeted to women, "the street" – gray, tired, busy, preoccupied with the hardships of everyday life … The inspiration to develop and create their image is the same woman … her temperament, passion, fascination and passion … hairstyle only complement of all these factors … then the woman becomes beautiful … so arises metamorphosis. – Currently preparing an event to celebrate the 10th ciolecia Salon, which provides demonstrations of hairdressing commercial and artistic, with the participation of his team as well as hairdressers stylists invited from various Polish regions, which so far has worked. The project wants to involve artists, designers, photographers from Plock and the surrounding area in order to promote their local market. Its multidimensional activity is always associated with hairdressing and promote it as an artistic profession. The work is guided by the motto: Hairdressing is an art transformation of the ordinary into extraordinary, and even extraordinary. >> More information

Jerzy Stankiewicz

George and Jolanta Stankiewicz, WAREGENA Jewelry Warmia and Mazury / photo. Lukasz Jankowski-Wojtczak

George met Alice in Hawaii at a workshop in 2010. It was a weekly edition which Alice White led Fetish – Andrzej Frankowski. And because in life there is no sympathy cases survived 5 years. This summer, George came to Mazovia with his wife. Keen photographers are familiar with the Magic Jewelry Warmia and Mazury – WAREGENA.

Born in Rastenburg, 1961. He studied at the University in Art Education Institute in Lublin, diploma in sculpture with honors in 1988. Cultivates a small sculptural form, making visual installations, exhibits, sells through Art Polish. In the meantime, he teaches and sometimes the director of cultural institutions in Kętrzyn and Mrągowo. Since 2002. No longer bound by any contracts of employment, carving implements many orders after the "Author's Laboratories Stankiewicz". He is the author of more than 100 statuettes handed out at various galas and celebrations, several realization monuments. Since 2006. Fascinated and inspired by the culture of the ancient inhabitants of today's Warmia and Mazury first designs jewelery designs, which today operates under the brand name WAREGENA Magic Jewelry Warmia and Mazury. In 2008. Jewelry has received an award in the fourth edition of the "Best Product and Service of Warmia and Mazury and 2014. Received the certificate Warmia Masuria product. In 2011 it was opened in Kruszewu, in the place where he lives and creates gallery author Art Gallery. >> More information

Richard Wolbach and Mrs Barbara

photo Mrs Barbara and Richard Wolbach / fot. Andrzej Witkowski Vitkov

With White Alice cooperate years. Friendship and professionalism resulted not only in joint sessions, and training, book and spectacle COLORS OF HOPE.

Mrs Barbara and Richard Wolbach of years engaged in culture. The repertoire are organizing trainings and large events. "COLORS OF HOPE" is timely and extremely complex undertaking. It combines: book, music discs, spectacle and workshops. Content + photo + music. For this movement (dance / show) Going back to the book. You can find a story of a man who fell to the bottom and gradually begins to raise it. In the end, it comes to an optimal state, which commonly we call happiness. Perhaps today is a concept quite worn and even hackneyed … However, the content of the book is deep and clear, and most importantly honest. It is the main character's internal dialogue. It could be any of us. Many emotions and glorification of positive thinking. And all presented in an interesting form (graphics + photo). In addition to the said history book you will find stories of inspiring people: athletes, musicians and entrepreneurs. For this reflective quotes and two music discs in the atmosphere (rock, instrumental industrialna). Nearby spectacle 'Colors of Hope' will be held on October 10, 2015 in Wloclawek >> More information


Niteczkowy Monster / photo. Voodica

White Alice and sophisticated headgear? – Yes. Therefore, cooperation with the duet acting under the name Niteczkowy monster. Designers creations can be seen as the delightfully sounding banner of Bear Urwisek;)

Is a project-collaboration of two friends, Kamila and Darius, who completely by chance discovered that playing the same thing – making jewelry, accessories and objects of everyday and unusual use. They both like nice things, and even more analysis, as has been done and checking whether they are able to repeat the household methods. Constantly looking for new fields to show off new styles, and finally new techniques and methods used in the manner seemingly-obvious obvious media. They showed his work primarily friends for some time with great success on the biggest present them in a Pole convention fiction fans, or the Festival of Fantasy Pyrkon in Poznan, and photo shoots in Poznan. Kamila is a lawyer, works with photography, fiction and historical reenacment the Viking Age. We are constantly struggling to it that day lasted 48 hours because he always has too little time for hobbies. Dariusz graduated from the University of Medical Sciences, is a fan of manga and anime, legomaniakiem and the owner of the collection and passion Nendoroidów przyrządzaniu gives a beautiful and tasty food. >> More information


MULTANKA / fot. Agnieszka Mlicka

White Alice and Multanka got to know through a participant of Czarownych Workshop. Agnes was certain that cooperation between the two ladies will bring good results. The idea was a hit. Multanki jewelry can be seen also in subsequent editions.

Designer jewelry that in art sutarzu come true perfection. Consistency and passion have made it formed an unique style. "Braid takes several years. I was enchanted by its Baroque style and rich colors. Many attempts and time cost me master the technique that won my heart. Needle stabbed fingers are still included in the costs. In my works I try to preserve the purity of form and applause. Jewelry I create is to be a colorful feature of the woman who wears it. The hallmark of the studio are also bracelets original design – a simple database with one baroque detail and with tiny beads. Sutaszowa jewelry is a richness and colors. This beautiful shading or contrasting color combinations. The intricately stitched sznureczkach called braid are recognized semiprecious stones and thousands of tiny beads. Many hours have passed since rozrysowania project by sewing small bands and combine them with color-matched stones, mother of pearl or wood creates small works of art. Jewelry braid embroidery technique performed by a dot over for the styling of the great output – weddings, balls or family celebrations. Is braid can be worn every day? You can – for everyday outfits perfectly suited to smaller, monochrome models. " >> More information


the picture HOPS / photo. Krystian Chrzanowski

Warsaw florist, stylist and model. Linked to the photographic and film industry. With White Alice friendship and cooperation over the years. Currently they are preparing a project outside the workshop, which will be also the occasion to see the video. Hop style is original, expressive and constantly evolving.

What is the new incarnation Chmiel? Some things remain zmian- still intend to arouse extreme emotions. Balance between ugliness and beauty. Not only in floristry found a new trend. I decided to kill incarnation stylist to be reborn as a floral designer. Several of creation awaits its debut in front of gifted photographers with whom I had the pleasure to work. Lately it moves between cult tales for children, and the decaying world of chickens. This fall, I'm going to release its manifesto on pigeonholing people – I was able to gather a great team of art. What is the next incarnation of me? – I do not know even myself. – Grzegorz Chmiel

>> More information

Martin Bogdan Szadkowski

the picture Martin Bogdan Szadkowski

With White Alice they have known each other for years. Friends, enthusiasts and developers. They assist with a variety of artistic projects. This summer White Alice Martin hosted on their rodzimnych areas in Słupno.

An engineer by education, avocation social activist and photographer. At the moment vegetarian restaurant manager with a strong cultural inclinations, as well as founder / instructor photographic workshops for children. As he says about himself – he loves challenges, hates stagnation and burnout. Member of several associations, including, consistently over the years, Plocka Photography Group (SPGF). As a photographer, as he says, he found his own way he is trying to "get away" to go, getting lost sometimes in curves. A devotee of the traditional portrait, reportage photography and cooking. Fascinated by all forms of distorting the image, including freelens techniques. The holder of dozens of cameras analog and digital, which modifies, in order to achieve new visual effects. Author solo exhibition and several group exhibitions. Organizer nationwide open air photography. It publishes your photos in newspapers and web portals. The founder of the blog of a lifestyle'owej that due to the broad spectrum of issues dealt with constantly evolving and is divided into separate initiative. Founder of the Institute of Art Cafe (IKAR), in which he tries to focus creative people open to help and action at its roots. Through a joint open air, exhibitions, readings, happenings, and social projects – cross-section of activities of the Institute is really wide. The last project is a music video with elements of sign language, developed in collaboration with YouthBank Poland. The plan has, among others, short film, film workshops and happenings nationwide. Because, as T.Kantor used to say, "all evoke the artistic revolution cafes. >> More information

Lukasz Jankowski Wojtczak

photo Lukasz Jankowski Wojtczak

With White Alice works for years. For the first time he appeared on Czarownych Workshop 2 years ago. This summer he returned to the deck presenting their works. And soon after opening the original opening in Kruszwica. This time, Luke will settle for the autumn edition in Warsaw presenting their art multimedia.

Born and connected for long periods of Jarocin. His photograph honed from an early age by taking passion from his father. Initially, the pictures showed the nature, then worked as a reporter. In the early years of high school he performed in cabaret and ran own radio show in Jarocin radio. Despite continuous bind with photography and fine arts fate brought him to Poznan, where he finished designing Web sites and multimedia. Currently, photographic deals with vows, advertising photography, portrait and act. His work has repeatedly been exhibited in galleries in Poland and abroad and published in the national press. He is the founder, co-owner and president of service. He has served on the jury of photographic competitions. In addition, he is a lecturer ECDL-a and conducting photography workshops for beginners with the basics of photography and also a lecturer at UTA also with photography. Privately. Philosopher and observer. A lone traveler, outsider and introvert. The well from which to draw, you can reply to the vicissitudes of life. A man staying at the foot of Poland. Developer repeatedly published and staged in Poland and abroad: 'Way of the Cross in the photographs.' Roads … in which, together with Andrzej Frankowski fetish shows the problems of existence and everyday people. >> More information

Studio Old Drier

After years of open-air edition came time for the studio. White Alice returns with photographic training cycle for the autumn-winter 2015. The weekend workshops will take place in November and then in December. STUDIO OLD DRYER is situated in the center of Warsaw. It will be intriguing, ethereal and controversial. It is interesting contest "DEVIL LOVES LIGHT" where you can win, among others, access to our workshops. details soon !!! Photos Workshop: GALLERY on the official website: