Yesterday a report was published The State of News Photography, which presents interesting information about the world of professional photographers.

The report was prepared by the World Press Photo Foundation in cooperation with several universities. During its creation were asked 63 questions more than 1,500 photographers from a hundred countries. They were asked about various issues – from earnings, the problems of copyright, to the satisfaction of work. The entire report can be read on authors report . And we present 20 of the most interesting lessons of the.

1. Professional photographers are mostly male


Only 15 percent of working in this profession are women. Photographic industry is dominated by men.

2. Most of the work on their own

60 percent of respondents runs his own business instead of working for someone else.

3. For most work the photographer is the main profession

Three-quarters of respondents work full time in the profession of photographer. This is not the odd job.

4. Almost half are considered to be photographers

40 percent of those interviewed that's what it is called. 30 percent called themselves photographers – documentarians, and 14 are considered to be photographers news sites.

5. One-fifth of works with photography news


19 percent of photographing the event. 18 percent creates concrete projects, 14 percent engaged in portraits, and 10 percent – sports photography.

6. Most of the photographers working alone

While filmmakers usually work several persons, about as many photographers prefer to work alone. This mode of operation assumes 80 percent photographers.

7. More than half focused strictly on photography

54 percent concerned only with traditional photography. 93 percent mentioned that if they had the choice is only dealing with this. The others, however, in addition to photographs also involved in film.

8. Two-thirds of photographers have higher education

More than 60 percent of respondents have completed some college. One quarter while there is no photographic education.

9. Photographers are not rich


Only a quarter earn more than $ 40,000 per year, and third earns less than $ 10,000. Despite this, most satisfied with their financial situation. In the end, they are cashing in on what they love.

10. There are widespread problems with copyright

A common problem in the industry is unauthorized use of photos without paying for them. Almost all of the respondents had ever had problems with it.

11. The photo reportage is dangerous

Most believe this feint unsafe. Photographs sent to distant corners of the world have concerns about your health or life. The most dangerous places to work in Central and South America and the Caribbean. On the other hand, most secure are Europe and North America.

12. The digital era has changed a lot

Everyone agrees that digital photography has given a wide range of new features such as even the possibility of manipulation.

13. Three-quarters consider manipulation as a problem, quarter alone it does

Recently we wrote about the problem of manipulation used by contemporary photographers. Most agrees to the creation of reality by removing something from photographs or retouch people is a big problem. 25 percent admitted that they happen to interfere in the photographs other than cropping and color correction.

14. More than half sets of people for photos

52 percent of respondents admitted to doing so, they often ask their photographic "objects" to repeat something or solidify in motion until the photographer is ready.

15. More than half improves your photos

Only 10 percent mentioned that it did not improve their images. 51 percent do it often or always.

16. Most do not have anything against amateur photographers

As for the amateurs who are engaged in taking pictures, which can then be used by newspapers and portals. Most professionals do not have a problem with them and fully believe that they were a threat to their livelihoods.

17. 63 percent believe that the website is very important

The vast majority of photographers claims that that having your own website is very important in their work. More than half also uses social media.

18. 62 percent elect of Facebook


More than half of respondents believe that Facebook is the biggest and most important social networking in their work. A much smaller proportion uses Instagrama or Twitter.

19. Three-quarters sees the benefits of social – media

75 percent say they use social networking sites is beneficial for their work, although some notes that these benefits are not necessarily linked with the money.

20. Photographers like your profession


Although not the best earnings, as well as a variety of difficulties and dangers of the profession, 66 percent of those interviewed photographers replies that she likes, what he does and not the photographer's work would turn to any other. Source:,