There is already updated Fujifilm camera software X-T1. Changes among other things, improved the focus of the system for better capturing moving objects. But not only.

fot. Fuji Guys / youtube

We wrote not so long ago that a key update is coming FujiFilm model or X-T1. It happened and from today is now available for download the official website of the manufacturer of X-T1 / X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition Camera Body Firmware Update Ver.4.00. We look for you, what will change after a system update but for now you toss a handful of warm even information from Fujifilm Poland and from their Japanese colleagues Fuji Guys . YouTube Preview Image Press release new version of firmware for cameras X-T1, which we tested in fotoManiaK-in and X-T1 Graphite Silver is identified as: Fujifilm X-T1: Ver. 4.00 and introduces the following improvements in the operation of cameras Fujifilm X-T1 and X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition:
  1. The new focusing system with the options "Zone" and "Wide / Tracking" easy to track moving objects.
  2. Improving accuracy autofocus system operation
  3. Eye Detection AF
  4. Auto Macro Mode.
  5. Improving the autofocus when recording video
  6. Other amendments

The "Zone" and "Wide / Tracking"

The new focusing system with the options "Zone" and "Wide / Tracking" easy to track moving objects. Autofocus is based on 77 focus points spread over a larger area of ​​the frame, which greatly improves system performance when photographing moving subjects. YouTube Preview Image The "Zone" allows the user to create a zone of focus consisting of 3×3, 5×3 or 5×5 points out of 77 available. After starting the AF-C, the camera tracks the moving object so that it was in the center of the selected area of ​​focus. If you select "Wide / Tracking", the camera displays a single point of focus, selected out of 77 available (the option to select AF-S) or follow a moving subject in all available fields (with the selected option AF-C). New features will focus on maintaining the focus area of ​​an object moving relative to the camera horizontally, vertically, and forward and backward.

Improving accuracy autofocus system operation

Single-point AF divides the frame into smaller parts in order to accurately assess the distance to the subject. This results in a more accurate focusing. Built-in phase detection pixels will ensure that 0.5EV detection range compared to the current range of 2.5EV. This will facilitate greatly the work of sharpening system under conditions of low light and low contrast scene.

Eye Detection AF

The software update introduces an option Eye Detection AF. It allows the camera to detect the subject's eyes and focus on them, so that we can achieve beautiful bokeh effect.

Auto Macro Mode

The software update introduces an option to Auto Macro, which automatically switches the camera on a macro function while maintaining the high speed grinding. The update will make it no longer necessary to manually switch the camera on the "macro" by using a dedicated button on the rear panel of the camera. This button can be assigned to another function, freely chosen by the user.

Autofocus when recording video

Improved algorithm allows for smoother and more natural operation of the system focus while recording video files.

Other amendments

  1. Improvement actions dial shutter speed (Shutter Dial). The setting for the "T" on the dial shutter speed and shutter selecting "Mechanical + Electronic" will allow you to set the full range of exposure time from 30 seconds to 1/32000 seconds (not yet enabled camera shutter speed range of 30 to 2 seconds ).
  2. Changing the exposure compensation dial operation in the "Manual". You can use exposure compensation when set to manual aperture and shutter speed for the situation using the automatic settings for ISO values.
  3. Improving the grid display support framing (grid) in the display.
  4. Renaming SILENT MODE. In order to avoid confusion concerning the naming, the name SILENT MODE (discrete) will be replaced with the name "SOUND & FLASH OFF" (Sound and Flash Off).

Source: own press release