Yesterday, during the conference Google I / O, new photos are shown. The application offers unlimited space for photos and videos, while our files will be subject to considerable compression – but whether in fact this is such bad news?

Google Photos with unlimited space / photo. Manufacturer

Immediately after the release of the new Google Photos media were writing about a service in superlatives. There have been comparisons to other platforms of this type – especially, of course, to the competitive iCloud.

Upload photos as much as you want …

… But one "but" must be

After a few hours everyone cool off. Nay, some they took even negative attitude to the proposals giant from Mountain View – okay, storage space for photos is unlimited, but has some limitations.

Google Photos with unlimited space / photo.

First, the resolution of the images is limited to 16 megapixels. Films, in turn, to 1080p. Secondly, all materials will be subject to compression, if we use the newly formed, free plan. The weight of such a file is reduced by nearly 50 per cent., Although the quality is not compromised too much. Photos are compatible with all appliances based on Android and iOS, as long as you install a new application, which already last night was available in stores. During its configuration, we can choose two options:
  • "High quality" associated with free, unlimited place;
  • "Original", where staff are transferred in full resolution, but they behave on our Google Drive – and therefore the toll (a free 15 GB for a long time is not enough).

What Google itself says about the photos?

Unlimited site is designed primarily for mobile

Google Photos with unlimited space / photo.

Google clearly states: The new service is intended mainly for amateurs, not professionals. This option is recommended for mobile and uncomplicated, automated devices and the quality of the images stored in the free space is enough for ordinary printing and network sharing. Complicated algorithms alone will save the team and movies with reduced size.

Google Photos with unlimited space - such as compression on a scale of 1: 1 / pic.

Google Photos with unlimited space - such as compression magnification / photo.

when the manufacturer recommends the use of paid just Disk SLR owners and professionals:
Option preserve the original file is recommended when necessary to preserve the exact quality of the original images taken using more sophisticated cameras

The case is so clear – get unlimited space for everyday "Snaps", while made to order advertising better record sessions elsewhere. Similarly, he with RAW files, which the new photos do not support (as opposed to the cloud including Microsoft).

New editing options

Processing of applications

Google Images is another service that lets you edit our photos directly from your smartphone. Amendments will conduct either automatically or manually, using one of the available sliders or filters. Adjustments are quite limited, so continue – to a more advanced postproduction – I recommend the brilliant Snapseed.

Arranging and also are easier

A bit like Flickr, a bit like iCloud

Google Photos combine the best features previously introduced in other services, adding that some of his own innovations. So we can see more photos on the screen – just pinch to zoom in or out the preview grid, press and hold to select multiple photos at once, or faster search algorithms staff through automatic grouping and organizing photos.

Google Photos with unlimited space / photo.

An interesting option is also Assistant Gallery, showing suggestions organization of photographs on the cards (known including Google Now); We can here, for example, in a simple way to construct Google+ already known stories, animations and collages.

Weight news and independence

Google Images – something for everyone

Google Photos become autonomous, independent of the closed gradually Google+. They work phenomenally quickly – both in terms of sending pictures, stability and machining process of individual photographs. YouTube Preview Image Unlimited space – even though the compression staff – deserves strong applause. It's a great solution for anyone who photographed "just like that", every day, using a smartphone or a simple compact. The ability to store pictures on a permanent basis, without extra charges for disk space, is certainly one of the most important news in recent months. Also sets out the future direction of the cloud itself – what Flickr did for professionals (terabyte providing free space), and Microsoft in One Drive with RAW files, Google did the same thing for the average Snapshooters. Bravo!