Today's easy to forget what it really is special photographic image. In the end, we are bombarded with them every minute, both from the media, as well as friends and family. How testify to the uniqueness of this form of expression through our work?

Fig. Paul Chara / Nikon Academy

Ansel Adams once said that the power of the photographic medium is in the "infinite variety of perception, interpretation and action." Today, though undoubtedly left her advantage, it has become a curse at the same time. It turned out that there is little need to become a self-proclaimed photographer each. Account Instagramie have simply must – regardless of whether you want to build your own image on the web, or perhaps advertise the brand. On our smartphones hold gigabytes entire photo, and "Selfie" is for many a mandatory part of any out of the house.
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How often lacking professionals "flash"?

While at the opposite pole to the flood of amateur, but often niepozbawionych charm, photos find professionals. Oddly enough, in spite of all the knowledge and power, they had to devote to her winning, often give the impression that the photographs drew less joy than fighting for followersów on Instagramie teenagers. Here the question arises – how to find a happy medium, a bridge between randomness and exciting knowledge and professionalism?

Say fight burnout

Fig. Paul Chara / Nikon Academy

Of course, to a large extent it depends on which side of the fence we stand. A professional photographer, you can, for example, help to move beyond a niche in which it operates, interest in the latest trends in the photo, or on the contrary – a journey into history. Or maybe catch your breath and do something completely different, for example, return to the passion of the past or turn in the direction of what we have always dreamed, even if unusual language or learning to play an instrument? In this way, "recharge the batteries" and you will find an unexpected source of inspiration. First of all, when you feel the burn professional, you should remember that photography is more than just a way to make money, and that was before it was for us primarily a lifestyle and a way to express themselves. As Paul said Chara, photographer, lecturer Nikon Academy :
Photography is not snapping, though it may be. It's a philosophy, a way of life in the broadest sense. The possibility of an extension of childhood, and often simply the survival of life, a true sense of it. Is it not the case that every morning let's look into space, to assess the light today, and with an internal smile in the blink of an eye, a little without our knowledge, we see a number of situations to which this aura is a perfect match? It can therefore be easily seen that the light makes us move.

You are an amateur? You should also grow!

Fig. Paul Chara / Nikon Academy

On the occasion of amateurs are not necessarily limited to the opportunities offered by their smartphones – as they should meet halfway with professionals. Since this type of visual transmission of messages makes you such pleasure, you may want to work on their form, to learn about the basic parameters that determine the quality of photos? Such knowledge can be useful even if the presence in social media you want to translate in the conduct of photo- or videoblog. How to get it? Well, once again, one can recommend a workshop or course. Of course, if it was not for you, always remain relevant manual. Just remember not to give a voice to your inner gadżeciarzowi and first address the widening skills, and then buying an expensive, modern equipment. Regardless of which path you choose, the most important, you may remember that photography is inexhaustible mine of opportunity. The more you know about it and the more time you devote her, the more the door before you open it. Regardless of whether it is your profession, passion or perhaps a mixture of both. Article Affiliate