Probably we will have to deal with a sunny weekend, so it will be well to recall some basic principles related to photography landscape. Ready?

Simple horizon


If you do not have an integrated camera spirit level, you might have a slight problem with getting perfectly straight line of the horizon – unless you're one of those people with an innate talent.

photo. fortherock, CC, Flickr

Alternatively, you can use a spirit level built into the tripod or the auxiliary grid, you'll notice in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen. If all these methods fail – you always remain straightening in post-production.

Depth of field

Each element of the frame should be sharp

If you care about the traditional landscape photography, we take care of the appropriate depth of field. If you want to keep in focus every element of the frame – and managing a simple camera – best to move the equipment in the appropriate mode automatically sional correct aperture value. working with more advanced body should already know the concept of hyperfocal distance. Sometimes even the maximum aperture closure does not provide us with such effects.

photo. Daniele Zedd, CC, Flickr

Focus hyperfocal does not rely on manual sharper at infinity – the focus can be anything from the said infinity. If, however, you set the focus point closer to the camera, we will be able to focus and before, and beyond this point. So let's look at the distance scale appears on the lenses. The work also will help you for sure DOFMaster or calculator to calculate the distance depending on your camera, lens and aperture selected.

Stabilize the camera!

A tripod is always good to have with you

Left open the aperture and – often – non-ideal lighting conditions make it necessary to use longer shutter speeds. It is difficult then to get blur-free images, if we do not then our equipment base – and I think everyone wants to avoid boost ISO sensitivity.

photo. joansorolla, CC, Flickr

Therefore thus should be together even the most paltry, miserable and poorly executed stand. I do not have to immediately buy the top model for hundreds of dollars – especially if you are not sure whether it is the landscape photos will become your favorite area.

Light is important

Avoid the "flat" lighting

photo. shek, CC, Flickr

In photography, light is important. In landscape photography – even more important, because we have a very small possibility of its modulation. Accordingly rays of the sun are unable to adequately highlight the colors of the scenery, bring out its contours.

photo. h. koppdelaney, CC, Flickr

What to do if you live in – for example – in Scotland and the Sun we have as a cure? Well, you can experiment with photography in black and white, hand-adding growth in post-production.

Learn the rules of composition

Remember the relevant rozlokowaniu elements in the frame

The most important are four aspects:

  • diagonal composition;
  • geometric shapes, motifs repeatability;
  • rule of thirds;
  • placement characteristic element in the foreground.

Of course it will be difficult to apply all at once, but I use one of these rules will attractive photographs.

photo. Richard Walker Photography, CC, Flickr