What do the former Polish president, toilets / bathrooms around the world, smartphones and Oscars ceremony? Some answer probably without batting an eye: selfie! Yes, selfie, the key word in recent quarters, and even word 2013. Extremely interesting phenomenon, which seem to be short-lived fashion evolved in a truly multifaceted phenomenon. Sometimes funny, sometimes dangerous, constantly causing stormy discussions and attracting big money.

I'm not going to drill down selfie history, going back to the time before bumem for smartphones, let alone indicate selfie counterparts in previous eras. Nor do I want to explain this phenomenon in terms of psychological or sociological – I'm not an expert in this matter and I have to believe the word of experts who break into prime factors selfie phenomenon. What therefore will? A bit of business, a little bit about marketing, also throw what Tiggers like best, which is evidence that people sometimes lose their mind.

Because selfie is everywhere

I suspect that you do not have to explain what a selfie – everyone probably knows this concept, and if not, you can catch up quickly with the help of knowledge Wikipedia . Such a solution, however, I consider a last resort, because it is difficult to imagine that anyone in the network functioned and met with the phenomenon słitfoci or samojebki, as is sometimes referred to these pictures in Polish. If you do not hit on them on social networking sites may be reached through more traditional media. We had, after Mr. Kursk in Kiev, President Walesa in a luxurious bathroom, President Obama at the funeral of Nelson Mandela, Pope Francis in the company of young people. You must have heard of at least one of the cited cases. YouTube Preview Image Hand photographing politicians, children, celebrities, businessmen, housewives, athletes. It would be unreasonable to say that everyone, but you can certainly write that representatives of all races, religions, castes, professions, social groups and ages. This phenomenon is universal, levellers cultural barriers or language – because I think everyone will understand a simple message: I'm here. Every day, the Internet is flooded with new photographs, which are their authors, shall be adopted in various poses, changing faces, the facts of nature and technology chirping photos, but still revolve around the same topic. And we're spinning more and more. The phenomenon became so popular that the creators Oxford Dictionaries selfie recognized word for word in 2013 . And it is hardly surprising – if you believe the media, the popularity of the word rose on the Web in the past year about 17 thousand. percent. In Japan began to appear special places to do selfie – This position, which should put your smartphone to work out a good photo of the owner with an interesting background. I wonder if similar ideas implemented in przedsmartfonowych times when people used the "traditional" cameras? Then I probably would have been considered such a solution for strange and exaggerated today are perceived differently. Times have changed and realities.

Where smartphone meets social media

Please indicate on the two main driving forces of fashion selfie: the development of social networks and mobile equipment segment, especially smartphones. The evolution of these two spheres has brought us in recent years a lot of changes, you can even tempted to say that there has been a revolution in the field of human communication in the IT sector or in the plane of content creation. It is in this trend fits selfie: good quality cameras in smartphones (and more broadly in mobile equipment) meant that almost everyone wanted to do massively photos, and social media encouraged bragging effects of these fotołowów. YouTube Preview Image At various sites began getting photos of food, cat food, sights, events. This, however, turned out to be just a prelude to the subject proper, ie, self-portraits. First you render them more popular, quickly followed by others in their footsteps. Place, costume or lighting descended into the background – it was mainly to show themselves, show off to the world what this and so familiar. Since they are tools, if people like it (because they do, because they give Laiki and comment), since I do not cost, why not try: tick and bathroom self-portrait done. The bathrooms were in this game strong position until smartphones have a good camera (on the back) and needed a mirror. In this field, however, already followed some changes – Mobile industry begins to adapt to the era selfie.

Buy your smartphone to selfie

So far, there are plenty of pictures of bathroom within selfie, but what has been written, it resulted mainly from a desire to perpetuate this particular room. I just needed a mirror. It is this element was first used by digital camera users, then smartphones. In the latter, however, began to appear convenient to operate the front cameras. Initially quite primitive and does not guarantee good quality pictures. Now, as developed and promoted. Up to this point, however, gradually asserted. YouTube Preview Image A few years ago, mobile device manufacturers have decided to attract customers good quality main camera. We observed a peculiar race, in which, inter alia, Nokia and Sony wanted to prove that the modules taken in their phones are completely new quality in the business. This trail quickly went to the competition. Sometimes actually developed interesting technology and quality components were corrected, sometimes simply overclocking parameters (mainly the number of megapixels) that it looked nice on paper. I came to the point where at least a few players can say in our smartphone camera is great. For the rest is usually good. For the vast majority of users good enough. For these changes have benefited producers (magnet gained customers), as well as customers – they got into the hands of phones with cameras that fully meet their needs. However, the company had to find a new theme for overclocking sales. They already tried with the audio, with watertight or games (transforming your smartphone into a portable console), but these ideas turned out to be either a short-term solution or not conquered the hearts of customers. Meanwhile, marketing departments need "fuel" to the goods disappeared from the shelves, and the shareholders happy. YouTube Preview Image decided to use the theme selfie. Smartphones have developed a front camera already include in its offer Chinese manufacturers in this direction follows the Sony Xperia C3, there are rumors about a new Lumii with good quality front camera. For some time it will probably standard. The idea is to keep ahead of competition and make money, so the company decided to use it. This should not only apply to equipment manufacturers.

Oscars, applications, drones

Probably many of you have seen the famous photo of what the Oscars ceremony performed Bradley Cooper. One pic, galaxy of stars. Spontaneously, Humor and record, because image quickly became a hit the Internet – not only Twiter, which made a real sensation. But it turned out that it was accidental selfie is part of a promotional campaign from Samsung – the Korean manufacturer has paid for that spontaneous thick millions of dollars. This was not the only case of this type – you can also mention selfie that President Obama took a U.S. athlete David Ortiz. Also here the inspiration behind the event was Samsung, which had previously signed an agreement with Ortiz and explained to him the secrets of making selfie. YouTube Preview Image A similar action will probably arrive. Finally get bored or will arouse aversion to involuntary tension of promoting any brand, but I suspect that the potential has not yet been fully exploited. Spec from marketing and advertising work in their offices on other projects and are wondering who, with them, and under what circumstances, perpetuate, to then distribute it in the media, especially those new electronic. Same (social) media will also be given to the fueling interest selfie, because it is for them a source of income: people banging photos, comment, distribute, driving traffic news services. And this after all is subject to monetization. Created pages and applications focused on selfie, widely understood Internet uses a new fashion. YouTube Preview Image As a fashion question, it is worth mentioning the phenomenon, which is called the drone (a combination of the words drones and selfie). I admit that is an interesting question on the Web does not lack explanation what the drone and specific examples. In short, you can write that people no longer enjoy simple images with hand or with a stick (provided with special booms), it was decided to demolish the routine use of other fresh heroes roar of new technologies, or drones. With the help of this equipment and some skill (come with time), you can create a really interesting films attracting attention far more than traditional selfie. Against this background, the drone can be considered a form of art …

Photo own stupidity

There is no doubt that selfie has now become a way of business, cultural phenomenon, material for books and discussions. Some people are wondering what underlies this fashion and how to respond to it. Because on the one hand, it is a manifestation of human vanity, but then return to normal, which does not have to be a model, to hit on the photo and hear that you look good. On the one hand selfie cause a lot of positive emotions, are often a manifestation of human creativity and a sense of humor, on the other hand, there is no shortage of questions, whether it is a return to the pictorial culture appropriate for our ancestors creating cave paintings thousands of years ago. It is difficult to assess this phenomenon, completely condemn them or regarded as something wonderful. This dilemma can not have, however, when assessing the crossing certain boundaries by amateurs selfie. YouTube Preview Image recently completed the Tour de France was rich in examples of human folly – the spectators ran on the route of the race, to take a picture with cyclists in the background. Selfie what envy friends from Facebook or Twitter. The problem lies in the fact that it was dangerous for cyclists, for other fans of the same authors as well, but in the event of a collision they somehow less damage. Obstructing athletes are not the only example of human folly. Snapshooters wanting to get the best effect and create a selfie, which will brick others resort to behavior that can hardly be considered funny and innocent: selfie on the road, the railroad tracks, next to (or even in) frames from predators, on the cliffs or on the field battle. Wines of fashion? Probably not – strange ideas come to people's minds long before the era of słitfoci. It's not fotkach the problem lies … YouTube Preview Image article interest you? See also other manic columns .