From Victorian watch, the camera in a package of cigarettes, to the other solutions, what is you never dreamed of. See how James Bond worked the past – and why everyone wants to be a spy, a young boy.

Steineck ABC, or the camera on your wrist

He did not look like a camera, it did not look like a watch – and yet it was a big hit

Steinbeck ABC / photo

It's not a watch – even though attempts at such a pose. Steineck ABC was built around 1949 and, apparently, was actually used by the various security services. This German invention sued to register up to eight frames. Now you can look it up on various auctions; famous house WestLicht conducted sales last year, estimating that the buyer will have to put ca € 1600 .

Pack of cigarettes

60s of last century. Switzerland.

Tessina and her pack of cigarettes / photo SpyMuseum

country may neutral, but that does not mean that nieprzygotowujący on every possible scenario. Swiss with characteristic precision prepared for them a unique Tessin, closing the camera in what looked like a modified package of cigarettes. The entire structure was made up of over 400 individual items – while the lens was directed to the characteristic grid, which you see on the left side of the object in the image. At the end of the most important – in prepared for the Stasi, the device can be stored traditional cigarettes just as in the ordinary case.

The camera in the button

Specialty of the KGB

F-21 / photo SpyMuseum

In the 70s of the last century reigned F-21 – one of the cameras hidden in the button of the jacket, widely used in the Soviet Union, Europe and North America. "Ajax", as well as frequented called, was directed at the person standing in front of photographers. Remote Cord, in turn, was in one of his coat pocket. Enough so hide your hand and release the shutter – simple.

CIA went the other way

The camera in the lighter

The camera in the lighter

The Swiss had their cigarettes, while American CIA decided to pack lighter camera. In a small Crick was a full-fledged photographic equipment, which easily could capture any scene.

Suzuki Optical Echo 8 / photo CameraHeritageMuseum

Slightly older concept, even from the 50s, it was Suzuki Optical Echo 8 You tried to turn the Japanese – also built lighter, but no flint and petrol, modeled on the famous Zippo. Lens was visible on one side, and the unveiling of the top flap resulted in the appearance of the lens and a manual tension. Equipment run on the 8 mm film.

There was even a photocopier!

About how to photograph the embassy

Xerox 914 / Photo by Wikipedia Commons

In the 60s of the last century stewards of the Soviet Union decided to book the best possible copier to its embassy in Washington. Fell on the Xerox 914 – then it was difficult for more advanced technologically. The Soviets did not know, however, that the transaction has learned the CIA; American spies so they decided to slightly modify Photocopying. Constructed a special camera that went to Xerox. Interestingly, the company itself willingly helped in the installation of equipment inside your device. Thanks to these treatments, each page that copied the embassy, ​​was getting on the film – and this, in turn, was named employee of Xerox during maintenance visits each time.

Watch the Victorian era

Spied at the end of the nineteenth century!

Photo by auction house Bonham's

A majority probably would answer that the first spy watches were created during World War II. Nothing could be further from the truth! Already in 1886 at auction in Bonham sold an unusual pocket watch – indicate not only the current time, but also took pictures with the help of a telescopic lens and a simple snapshot.

Various adventures Minox

Specialists from spying?

photo SpyMuseum

Minox he had different ideas. There is, for example, atypical cloth brush of structurally quite advanced inside the camera. With the possibility of using the officers Hauptverwaltung Aufklärung, or chief security authority of the former GDR. Another concept was Toychka them, or apparatus placed, inter alia, in ties. The method of operation was very similar to that already described in the case of equipment packed into a button – so we have the camera and cable release hidden in his suit pocket. Interestingly, this type of construction can still get on Internet auctions – just a little look .