Golden Hour is visually beautiful, functional and trivial to use the application. This will tell you when your location you will be able to photograph during the so-called. "Golden hour". Minimalist interface options, limited to a few necessary and impeccable work are the biggest assets Golden Hour . The program has been written specifically for photographers – lovers low center of the sun, gentle, warm light and long shadows.

Golden Hour / photo producer

Instead of using the online calculators uncomfortable, you can simply install a dedicated application. The task of the Golden Hour is build on our location and keep track sunrise and sunset. Just determine when you want to receive notifications, by selecting the notifications appearing in the week or on weekends. Golden Hour is available for now only in the context of the iOS platform. Developer did not specify plans for the release of Android – those benefiting from the green droid is therefore either waiting or equipment in a different type of applications .

What is the "golden hour"?

It is a specific time of day immediately east or west just before our star, which is characterized by a specific color temperature (approximately 3500K). For many photographers is a fabulous thing; allows you to get a unique, unattainable in other situations colors.

Golden hour / photo Anthony Żółciak

The name should be at the treated fairly loosely. This period can last from a few minutes up to several hours, depending on our distance from the equator – the closer to zero latitude, the "golden hour" shorter. Sun is located low on the horizon guarantees brighter shades, lower contrast and less risk of burnout individual fragments of the frame – especially in comparison with the shooting in the afternoon.

Golden hour / photo Tammy McGary, Flickr, CC

Just remember that it is often useful to you tripod. Lights will be no less, which inevitably requires raising the ISO sensitivity or use of slower shutter speeds. An important issue may also be appropriate white balance setting – often leave the camera in auto mode will result in correcting effect, which we waited. An alternative is to save the RAW files, where the temperature can be selected independently.