Collaborate them for a long time was predicted. Joint session was only a matter of time. Their creative meeting resulted in friendship. Viewing two remarkable personalities. Alicja Reczek (aka White Alice ) – photographer – and Andrew Bersz (aka Stairway to Heaven ) – model.

photo by Alicja Reczek (WHITE ALICE)

White Alice: What is the nickname of "stairway to heaven"? Andrzej Bersz: "Stairway To Heaven" … is the title of a song by Led Zeppelin. A beautiful song but the concept of "Stairway to Heaven" is quite ambiguous. Generally associated with pleasure, with pleasure, but I often explain it perversely that you have to climb to the sky in a great toil, and every step of the stairs is a good thing. WA: Your age in modeling is an asset or a hindrance? AB: Definitely advantage, but because I am a man. Were this not so, becoming a competition of young men of his place in the modeling business, would not make sense. This is evidenced by the number of proposals that gets the good and ambitious photographers, as well as the best models. During the four years I was involved in about 200 sessions and none of them have to be ashamed. It's a paradox that women models already at a young age can "play" almost every character. They may be naive teenager, but also demonic woman, a sex symbol of femininity or mature, lyrical and tragic figure, can be a queen, a goddess or a whore … can play and comedy and tragedy. A young man? … how many roles for him? … roles which would be convincing. WA: The sessions you play as a variety of performances. What is proposed you the most? AB: Most have to be "manly man" Universal symbol of their sex in a relationship with a woman. In this type of role usually, so I put in a duet with a woman. Ah, how beautiful women accompanied me to the sessions … how much admiration I survived! I admit that it gives me a lot of satisfaction in the end I have 66 years, the age at which many a man begins to regret his recall bygone "value". On the other hand, the roles get more specific, arising out of my age, so mature, even old men of steel look, overwhelming power and authority. They seemed to feel in the roles of the opposite extremity, such as a weary homeless, in the form of role-losers, crazy, evil, pathetic or comic. This type of roles I believe, moreover, for the most creative challenges. My dreams of acting were pushing me into playing a character, which in my real life I've never been, but building it on a basic, well-known to all, human emotions, trying to make them real.

Photo by Renata Młynarczyk (Charming Workshop Alice White 2012)

WA: And which performances remarkably you "do not lie"? What photo project certainly would take no share? AB: Not relevant here is the type of role or character, more important is the message session or film. I can play Hitler or Stalin, but I will not take part in the project, which will be spread hatred or contempt. It's probably my only limitation. And yet I might add … I do not take part in the sessions, which are empty, mindless. I can afford it, because the work non-commercially … the temptation to earn money not seduce me.
I'm always delighted pictures of Alice, her magical women, goddesses and priestesses of myths and fairy tales, disturbing druidess, beautiful nymphs. So I volunteered to Alice … I wanted to be her model, I wanted to go to the land full of beauty and imagination, a charm to give the sorceress. But the road there was not so simple, because what can be done within these young creatures the old man? It's been two years waiting and the moment has come. White Alice was right for me in his "pantheon" … mature, masculine, root space expanded her creative expression. I can separate life and art, myths and reality … and yet I feel a "schizophrenic" presence created by Alicja world … I live in it. At the same time a great satisfaction to me makes personal contact with the person with whom I perfectly understand on the basis of artistic as well as in life … we can talk to each other for hours. – Andrew Bersz

WA: There is talk of "magic photo" … What is she? It must be something extremely addictive if so intensely you gave up this passion. AB: I have always wanted to be on stage. In my youth I wanted to be an actor, but all in all I decided not to go to acting school. And then suddenly, some by accident, it is always present in me the desire to be fulfilled. I perform on the set and, increasingly, film, feels not only a model but also an actor. Besides my photo sessions are generally character actor, film. Model and model are often seen as passive participants in a photo session … otherwise it is already with the actors, they are expected to be their own interpretation of its remit. Feeling an actor but also himself a photographer and practitioners in various fields of an artist, I'm generally an active participant in the session, I have a lot to say and is readily agreement with photographers who are eager to use my suggestions or ideas to play some scenes. This creative collaboration is terribly exciting. I give up so his passion with joy and commitment, especially since I have the time and opportunity. Possibilities with one hand, financial, second and probably more important, we found that immodestly say I have a knack for it.

photo by Alicja Reczek (WHITE ALICE)

WA: As a model often you pose to the acts. Individually, the model duo, and even with some models. Nudity is not a problem for you? AB: Nude exists in the art of always. Costumes are changing down through the ages, styles and fashions, but the naked human body always remains the same. So how can we forget about him, about his universal human dimension? Nudity can be both beautiful hymn about the physicality or sexuality, but it can also touch the existential subjects … nudity in art has an infinite number of tasks to fulfill. After this short lecture about nudity in art … I will answer personally. From earliest youth I was accustomed to the presence of nudity in art. My father was a painter, I watched albums about art collections in museums. When I got to the Academy of Fine Arts, already the first day of classes of the drawing brought before us naked model. My students ASP, sometimes also posed to each other, also to shoot. Then, with a group of friends and our families, for about 15 years during the holidays on the Baltic Sea, were completely naked. It was for us a very natural and healthy social experience. So in my present pozowaniu easily take part in the nude sessions when the photographer gives a good reason for that. When nudity is used to forward him a truth about man and about especially about yourself … the truth can be both existential reflection but also his admiration or dark obsessions. About my participation in the "rozbieranej session" determines the quality of the photographer's vision.

photo by Alicja Reczek (WHITE ALICE)

WA: Many people today despise the word 'artist' believing them to be too pompous and self-evident. In that case, how to identify a person who has a natural need to function in the culture? AB: Just I belong to those who are happy to speak Artist and often just with a capital letter. The term artist is not for me any valuation or recognition for outstanding ability, is simply to define the role and professional status, similar to a scientist, doctor, priest, teacher, politician, soldier. And those who do not fit this definition, it is proposed to use the word "creator" or "author", so define us officially official, fearing bombastic words (laughs) … no but do not worry, this is not a mockery of my hand, I use the same determination and respect. WA: you working with many great photographers. It's often a regular collaboration. For most photographers would come back? AB: I work with many great photographers but should also add that, and with great models … it translates to the level of the session in which it occurs. I always stress that this photographer is the most important and the ultimate creator of the image. The model can only … and up, to work with him to realize his visions. Most gladly therefore working with photographers, with their own visions and artistic path, with talented creative individualities. They are very different creative attitudes, often standing at opposite ends of the spectrum of artistic exploration, and yet we manage to find common goals and measures for their implementation. WA and is a permanent cooperation? AB: Yes, durable cooperation with both photographers and models , lies in the fact that they come to me with ready projects in which they see the specific roles for me … for that matter, and I come to them with their ideas. This possibility of sustained cooperation is always based on the belief that we understand each other well in our intentions artistic and expressive.
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Most of my favorite photographers, both sexes, photographs only women, but I owe them a permanent place, often being their only male model. It's a strange feeling, for the aging man to be such raisins surrounded by beautiful young women. I feel like I let into a closed, intimate world of femininity, as the harem eunuch! Kidding … sometimes saying "we model" (laughs) gendered … haha ​​… if you get a good word. Rarely working with photographers and models of commercial or professional … but I will add important caveat here … professionals call photographers for whom photography is a profession. He did not call myself a professional, posing is my passion, pleasure, fun … and addiction. WA: … because posing addictive? AB: Yes, addictive! Anyway … how each works, and I call her posing creativity. I compare the practice of art to sex … art can live "orgasm" … it is hard to overcome this addiction (laughs) Same besides are addicted to all kinds of photographers and artists. I myself am an artist "from birth" finished ASP, and posing is just another way to pursue my creative needs.

Photo by Cezary Rebech (Charming Workshop Alice White 2012)

WA: From the perspective of what you do you consider yourself controversial? AB: No, in no way consider myself to be that person, and what others think about me, is that they have to ask. I'm just conscious creator, who are not afraid to talk about common, though often hidden. Quote here:
Photography talks about secrets. Secrets that we all have but never talk about them. – Kim Edwards, "The Momenry Keeper's Daughter"

WA: You run a workshop for interested by posing " Stairway to Heaven – Emotions front of the lens ". The first edition of the workshop took place in autumn 2013 in Warsaw. I remember our conversations, emotions and curiosity – how it goes. Well, how was it? 🙂 AB: Workshops are a common concept duo, Andrew Bersz and Bartosz fine . These were our first type of this workshop. We were looking for the best formula for them. My task was to create the program and lead lectures and exercises with posing and playing in front of the lens. Bartek, whose specialty is photography and film, initially had to deal with taking the film backstage and shooting mini sessions, which will be attended by participants. However, such a task would not be able to cope with one man, so we invited for the role of another photographer, Slawek Patoka – "Madcoya" . The resulting series of images to the question "emotional" topics, photos in which the workshop participants in cooperation with Slawek, trying to deal with emotions in front of the lens. Bartek for it to concentrate on film a video showing scenes workshop. WA: Are they in the plan subsequent editions of the workshop? AB: Yes, 8-9 March 2014, we plan the next workshop. This time the main role will be just fine Bartek, because this workshop will be an emotional game in front of a movie camera. It's a completely different task than posing for photos, here is the building of media in the hands of the operator, one scene often consists of several short scenes. The emotions present in the form of a film can be said even if the actor is not in the plan. I will be collaborated on screenplays and directing, supporting actor advice on the interpretation of the role, but we will be subordinated to realization the vision of the operator, who will also edited footage obtained. As a result of the workshop, all participants will become owners of their own, a short video film, starring a major role.

Photo by Slawek Patoka - Madcoy

WA: The first time we had the opportunity to work together on the occasion of the summer edition " Czarownych Workshop ", 2012. How do you remember that time? AB: The "Czarownych Workshop" in 2012 I performed as a special guest. First, I conducted a lecture – "Emotions in photography." Told about how to pose. Later posed to workshop participants in styling and mood that would compare to "The Peasants" Reymont … In the rural realities of the story of passion, desire, and the age difference … an old man and his beautiful young wife. But these workshops also realized my dream pose with you personally. I remember that in the session on the lake posed naked with two naked najadami (water nymphs) were established, one picture but we knew that the first session is a groundbreaking character … I think we found a well in a shared space. She was a chemistry and a spark … However Photo 3 of nude figures were afterwards on the cover of volume of poetry Kamila Kwidzińskiego "Conan and Coco"

Book of poetry Kamila Kwidzińskiego 'Conan and Coco'

WA: Often you happen publications of this type? AB Nowadays photos live mainly on the Internet, there following their release, there meet most of their customers. The model is in the favorable position that working with good photographers in their interesting projects, it may then be your pictures in many prestigious venues, because that photographers aspire to their publication, they seek success … I am with those of their efforts I am pleased to. No zliczyłbym so its presence in the photographs featured in various photo sites. But for photographers and models continue ambition and fulfillment is to see your photos on exhibitions, winning in competitions, reflected on paper or printed albums and journals. I take pride in some of his publications, as mentioned above cover a volume of poetry. But surely the most important of my publication is issued by Hasselblad album "Evoke" which provided 12 images Milosz White Smoke Studio, the winners of the competition " Hasselblad Masters 2011 competition ". These photos are the result ordered by Hasselblad Milosz White Smoke Studio Session "wedding". and I was on all these pictures I pose in the role of the groom, who in various scenes accompanied by a total of 13 brides. I appreciate the cover and a calendar for the year 2013 magazine psychological " Characters ", I pose there in the act. Recently while in the journal EksMagazyn been published pictures of the session "Generations" Another form yet published, or appear before a wide audience for movies, commercials, music videos, and appropriates their presence on television, which reaches out to all. And here I have a few favorite items, such as participation in the video Monika Brodka "Varsowie", or recorded but not published yet donate and Cleo music video, which I'm very curious. YouTube Preview Image WA: Before us cooperation in the 'PHOTOGRAPHY Picnic' be held on 1-3 March 2014 in Warsaw. The end of winter and beginning of spring is a symbolic time. Nature comes to life in the parks there are in love … love is a frequent subject of the photo? AB: The most common theme of the session is simply a beauty. Most of the photos shows a pretty woman, nice view or situation. But for me, just love, and more broadly speaking Feelings, in all their aspects are the main topic of the session and the arts in general. Love as a simple, beautiful and happy emotional state I call falling in love. I know this wonderful state, but they are already mature man, I know the other, more complex forms of love … and tell them most in their sessions. Love as known to everyone, trying to break out of loneliness, finding the meaning of life, the implementation by accepting and putting up another man. And here the problems begin … on the one hand that's what we want most in life, on the other hand, the most disturbing ourselves in achieving this goal. So just these obstacles and errors, failure and loss, dramatic twists and turns are emotional content of life, for that matter indefinitely. But amid the chaos, sometimes arise, often in surprising us time to find moments of peace, unity and fulfillment. And most often we are surprised that it is the fact that it's so modest and simple, while previously have devoted enormous energy looking for something else. Hmm … maybe it's too serious reflections as an answer to your question? 😉 But I think that in the sessions in which I participated, these problems can be found and what is important, there is no clear interpretation of them, the recipient is excited to feel … but also to think about himself.

photo by Alicja Reczek (WHITE ALICE)

WA: I recently had the opportunity to host at your home. Unique carvings, wardrobe full of creative, intriguing books and albums. A collection of beautifully framed photos on the walls. Many elements of interior decoration done by hand. This 'magic enclave' to which he wants to come back … I guess not only I have such feelings? AB: Yes, I like to invite each other and the magic of his house … the house is an extension of us, and so it is as if I charmed his person;) My house This large, two-level apartment also has his beautiful family tradition, was a period that lived there at the same time, in full accord 4 generations. Most of the items, furniture, works of art but the usual trinkets and has its own history, are either the work of a family or group of friends or a sentimental keepsake after them. There are a lot of my work from different periods of art, from the earliest years of study at the Academy. There are few things bought there, a lot of furniture and utility items is hand made by me, they are also the result of the exchange, finds from everyday life, discoveries of new meaning.
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Meetings with other artists including my world, allow me to more fully than words to introduce, facilitate mutual knowledge. Often, these visits photographers dictate the direction and vision of the session, the spin of those moods his story. Inspired by the "tone" of my house use it to implement sessions, even without my participation as a model. Most creative works, when derived from something actually existing. I myself do not feel good in clear, clean studio sessions, I need a real indoor and open-air saturated with some emotion. WA: Borders … sex, age, views. It seems that they do not share in the art that much, and sometimes vice versa. An inspiration and fertile ground for cooperation. It seems that we are a good example. Do you think that art broadens horizons and teaches tolerance? AB easily makes contact with the opposite sex, or with women, and even the age difference in like us to not hinder the relationship. Rarely someone says to me, Lord … more often say to me Andrzejku;) and is looking for interesting personalities with whom he wants to work with whom we inspire each other, expanding horizons, etc. However, do not underestimate the differences in matters of view on a particular art project, not undertake to cooperate on the ground, they are completely different ideas about the goals and means, when there is no common Spirit. This spirit is common, but the "body" should be different;) This is a very creative, meet the team just so enriched by our diversity work, valuable disputes and discussions, but ultimately there must be a compromise and identification of emerging Work. Generally, however, and this place will not confirm your thesis, developers are not persons tolerant in matters of art, often treat it ideologically, they can fight mercilessly with other views or attitudes, not to mention the envy and jealousy. This is not the opinion of a man who himself had to face it, somehow I was treated very gently, or maybe just not got into a dispute or did not see harassment. Many times, however, observed strong emotions in this environment, sick ambition, aggression, fights and injuries. And it's amazing photographers frequently in men perceived behavior of "offended ballerina" than models that commonly with such attitudes is associated.

photo by Alicja Reczek (WHITE ALICE)

WA: Beauty … is relative? AB: It is not necessarily relative, rather occurs on many levels. Inner and outer beauty, beauty or ideal body image, but also the beauty of truth and naturalness. Instead of beauty I often use the term rapture. So if something impresses us, is for us a beautiful … no one canon of beauty is a personal thing and are non-discussion. He sometimes delighted to Cute woman, and sometimes Female interesting. WA: Do you have any hobbies outside of photography and by posing? AB: Hmm … passions? … it can "love of life"? I can not really distinguish their passions from other areas of life. Recently I try to as little as gainfully employed, although I had in life was lucky that his gainful employment also always practiced with joy and love. It has long been engaged in artistic workshops, teaching adults and children, but … I love your work in a primary school. Currently, when a passion in me wyeksploatuje, saturate and threatens her routine, others are waiting in the queue, it may still not passion, more desire. When you take care of their implementation'll probably do it with passion. Model will not be the end of life … I am interested in film as an actor, director, screenwriter, producer. And in old age I put a photograph, which now do not have time … and then waiting for me to write. WA: Where do you usually spend your free time? AB: Again a tough question;) I only have free time, because I'm free. "Spend" it the most actively at home, dealing with passions, or photo sessions, where I meet great people. Currently, I have no need to go to concerts, cinema, pubs, clubs and other entertainment venues. And in the summer I'm going with the whole family to the sea, to Dębek, and live there for a few weeks … then with passion deal with feasting and socializing meetings. WA: What is the best balm for sorrow? AB: I do not know … I have little time for sadness 🙂 … and besides, sadness has its advantages. Alcohol I drink because I like the taste, and not to chase away the blues. WA: What is the recipe for a successful life? AB: Come on Alice! 've had enough here nagadałem wisdom) However, at the end of two aphorisms:
Art of Silence is greater than the art of speaking. On the tree of silence hangs its fruit – peace. – Arthur Schopenhauer

Ps. … Well, the recipe is this: be Fotomodel at the age of 60 years;)


White Alice

white-alice-2011-kontrast Alicja Reczek – artist, visual artist, musician and educator. Artistic photography was not the first of its experiments in the bosom of art – previously practiced because, inter alia, oil painting. As she herself writes, the recipient often call her a witch, Alice in Wonderland, fairy of Neverland or white Alice. White Alice on FB .

Stairway to heaven

Andrew Bersz – actor, photographer, artist, but also a model with more than 200 sessions on the account and appearances in music videos for such artists as Brodka or Donatan. For many years, teaching courses and workshops. Stairway to Heaven on FB .