Fujifilm X-Pro2 is not earlier than the second quarter of 2014?

So far we have heard that the successor to the X-Pro1 great debut already at CES 2014. Now talk about later – the second quarter of next year.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 / photo by Fujifilm

message is not certain (because if ever is when we have to deal with rumors?), But if it proves to be true, impatient fans of the brand will be disappointed. On the pages of Photography Bay there is information from a new source, retaining the launch at CES (7-10 January 2014) will not. On the other hand, the X-Pro1 was presented just for Consumer Electronis Show (in 2012). We do not know if even rudimentary specifications of the camera, Fuji can keep the matter secret. Meanwhile – for those interested in the X will be soon testing of two bodies, X-E2 and X-M1. Source: Photography Bay

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