Focal length 2625 mm for Nikon D5200? Why not!

The fair PhotoPlus 2013 one of the editors of Photography Bay noticed something unusual. He noted SLR. SLR hitched to said telescope was genuine – set in 2625 offered equivalent focal length for full frame.

Photo by Eric Reagan, Photography Bay

Eric Reagan of Photography Bay had the opportunity to go on this year's event PhotoPlus, where he brought quite specific photo – telescope EDG VR 20-60×85, which with the help of the FSA-L2 adapter are connected with the Nikon D5200. The kit is able to offer the user a focal length equal to 750-2625 mm equivalent for full frame. Author entry rightly notes that this is not the cheapest way to telephoto. Telescope itself costs more than 6 thousand. USD. Adapter – 1 thousand. USD. Do not forget also that the brightness drops down to F/21 on the long end, which is a value fit for use only in really great lighting conditions. Source: Photography Bay

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